The light in Provincetown, the beach at Sandy Hook, the Eiffel Tower and a vase of flowers; all disparate places, people and things that inspire Richard Stabbert to paint.

All of his images are tied together by a sensuality of brushstroke. He limits his palette to evoke spare, almost graphic forms, as color in itself and line have a resonance and symbolism for Stabbert.

Even when he paints a recognizable image there is a blurring into abstraction.

Born in Red Bank in 1959, Stabbert is a self-taught painter. He documents the people in his life, both past and present, a vase of flowers in his home, travels to Europe, and the beach.

His art has been displayed at BRIANRILEY1PROJECTS, New York; Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, New York;  Susan Berke Fine Arts in Red Bank, APEX Gallery, Asbury Park.


As a painter, my intent is an expression of peaceful sensuality.

A limited palette, leaning toward pink and just the right blue, blurs the line between the feminine side of what is masculine.  

For the viewer, I would hope for a knowing smile, perhaps a shared journey of having been there at a moment of their own. 

Childlike sophistication, whimsical, and naïve are words used to describe my work by others.

On a larger scale, I wish to convey the constancy of love, desire, and nature. 


about the artist